Jan 072014


Concrete lovers and futurists, this is for you. Famous A-cero architecture office from Spain designed this ultra modern home called Concrete House 2. It is fabulous residence literally built into the landscape. Combination of black concrete and green grass. Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, founders of A-cero office often seek for inspiration in the work of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, which is reflected in their earlier projects like The Memory House and Sotogrande House. But, instead of perfectly white colors like in Sotogrande House, this ultra modern residence is pure black futurism.
Even though some may say it’s too much atomic shelter-looking, I think this design fits perfectly in the futuristic atmosphere. You know, the post apocalypse times? Anyway, another thing I like about this home is landscape design. Slanted walls are perfect for green walls with the grass planted over. The same thing on the roof. This is also big step in sustainability since this creates great temperature isolation, no matter is it summer or winter. Plus, it looks nice, doesn’t it? Specially the grass stairs. This is one detail that really catched my eye. Interior design is of course, minimalist with gray-ish colors. Glass walls let in enough of daylight to light up the whole house and its futuristic interiors. Modern home theater? My favorite. It really looks like a lot of fun. What do you think?

Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_01Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_03 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_05 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_08 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_09 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_10 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_12 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_14 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_18 Ultra_Modern_Concrete_House_by_A-cero_Architects_on_world_of_architecture_28

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