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Transitional style – Bedroom.

Transitional, or eclectic, style combines the best qualities of traditional and contemporary.

Transition decorating integrates elements from several styles, providing the warmth of traditional with the simplicity of contemporary. Exciting and more personal decors are often archived by blending styles, rather than slavishly following one theme

In transitional rooms, a mix of contemporary and traditional furniture can offer an effective contrast. For a balanced look,  the pieces of furniture can offer an effective contrast. For a balanced look, the pieces of furniture should appear similar in weight or proportion. Often, contemporary pieces of furniture are inspired by familiar traditional style, making them specially suitable for transitional decorating. The bed, for example, has some of the detailing seen in traditional furniture, but the glossy, white paint and the smooth lines give it a crisp, contemporary look.

Color can unify varied styles of furnishings so they work together. Repeat only a few of the colors and fabrics in the room, and avoid mixing several patterns.

Elements of a transitional bedroom

THE BEDDING ENSEBMLE is a mix of styles. The ruffled pillow shams, traditional in styling, are paired with a buttoned duvet cover for a more updated look; additional pillows with flanges complete the eclectic mix. A unified color selection blends the bedding fabrics, from contemporary pinstripes to traditional floral chintz.

A TRADITIONAL STYLE ARMOIRE mixes well with contemporary furnishings, provided the pieces in the room are similar in weight or proportion.

CLASSIC CURTAINS should be with a contemporary drapery pole. The leaded glass window provides added drama.

NIGHTSTANDS in transitional bedrooms can contrast effectively with the accessories. A traditionally styled nightstand can set off a contemporary lamp and picture, or a contemporary nightstand can provide a base for an old fashioned dried flower arrangement.

BASKETS are versatile and blend with many decorating styles, adding warmth to a room,


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