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Architect Nasser Murat Khan, the designer of Minar e Pakistan designed a cricket stadium in the historical city of Lahore, which was named as Lahore stadium. Mian Abdul Khaliq and company constructed this stadium in 1959. It is the lagest cricket stadium in Pakistan. In 1974, the Libyan president Muammar Qaddafi visited Pakistan and had a speech in second Organization of the Islamic Conference meeting held in Lahore. He supports Pakistan over the issue of having nuclear power and becomes very popular in Pakistani nation and government and the Lahore stadium was given the name of Qaddafi stadium after his name.

The 1996 Cricket World Cup was held in Pakistan. Before the commencement of World Cup in 1995-96, the stadium was renovated. Nayyer Ali Dada the most famous architect of Pakistan redesigned the Qaddafi stadium of the pattern of Mughal architecture by using red hand-laid brickwork and arches. The lower side of the stands outside the stadium was covered with Restaurants, offices and boutiques. The traditional concrete benches of the stadium were replaced by plastic seats and stadium was equipped with floodlights.

Qaddafi stadium Lahore is the main hub of Pakistani cricket activities. Headquarter of Pakistan cricket board situated in it. Many national and international completions have been held in it.

The Qaddafi stadium has hosted many historical cricket matches. The most famous of the match was 1996 world cup final played between Sri Lanka and Australia. Sri Lanka won that world cup. Three famous cricketers of world have made hat tricks at this ground includes, Peter Pethrick of New zeland and Wasim Akram and Muhammad Sami from Pakistan. Both of the Pakistani cricketers made their hat tricks against Sri lanka.

A memorable test match was played between New Zealand and Pakistan in 2002 in which Pakistan won by an inning and 324 runs. Inzama ul Haq made 329 runs in that match, the highest score made by any player on this ground. Pakistan’s fifth wicket partnership of 281 between Javed Mian Dad and Asif Iqbal was also a memorable one in Qaddafi stadium. They made it against New Zealand in 1976.

Highest team total on this ground in test matches was 699 runs by Pakistan made against India in 1989 and in one-day internationals, it was 357 by Sri Lanka against Bangladesh in 2008. No International T20s have been played on this ground.

In 2011 after the controversial and tragic death of Muammar Qaddafi the, cricket board think over changing the name of the stadium but after that it was decided that the name will remain unchanged.


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