“Cathedrals of Culture” new architecture film

Cathedrals of Culture

Cathedrals of Culture   – finding the soul behind the bricks and mortar

Imagine architects in films and the picture that most easily rises to thoughts is of Gary Cooper as the Frank Lloyd Wright. Some documentaries apart the Architecture is largely ignored by film-makers. To rectify this German director Wim Wenders has announced his new project “Cathedrals of Culture” that premieres today at the Berlin film festival. Robert Redford is the co-director.

Wenders describe his project as “the soul of buildings,” exploring what these buildings “would say to us if they could talk.” Almost Six directors contributed to the movie “Cathedrals of Culture”, each one of them chose a building that means something special to them.

There are some similarities between the work of film directors and that of architects. Wender believes that architects and film-makers have the same obsession with “a sense of place”. To realize their visions Both need small armies of collaborators. Both must deal with sometimes awkward and intrusive patrons. Still, Wenders thinks,”certain diffidence” is required from film-makers when they compare themselves to architects.

“Buildings are very factual, after all, and they really govern and condition people’s lives. Films sometimes form people’s imagination and dreams, but don’t have such an abrupt impact on their reality.

Cathedrals of Culture

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