Mar 262014
Accessories for a contemporary bedroom

Illuminated glass-block bookends are a nice addition to otherwise dark bookshelves. Cut a wood base to fit the opening of a glass block vase, and mount a small light bulb on the base. A pedestal is a stately accessory that provides a base for contemporary artwork or a plant. Pedestals may be sprayed with a […]

Jan 152014
Transitional style - Bedroom.

Transitional, or eclectic, style combines the best qualities of traditional and contemporary. Transition decorating integrates elements from several styles, providing the warmth of traditional with the simplicity of contemporary. Exciting and more personal decors are often archived by blending styles, rather than slavishly following one theme In transitional rooms, a mix of contemporary and traditional […]

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Dec 172013
YOCA debuts its collaborative designer series — YOCA x HSY

Premium furniture and interiors brand Young Collective Artists (YOCA) led by architects Ahsan Najmi, Sarah Najmi Bilgrami and Zayd Bilgrami, announced a one of a kind collaborative designer series in November 2013. To kick-start this two-year designer series, the fall 2013 show was revealed with Lahore’s acclaimed couturier Hassan Sheheryar Yasin.

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