Jan 072014

Now this is the museum you won’t be able to miss. Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is one of the most known car museums in California and now it’s about to become even more famous. Architects from Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates office designed amazing new modern facade for the museum, with the goal of turning this place into one of the most recognized attractions in the city. By the look of it, we don’t doubt it.
As stated on LA Times, Petersen Automotive Museum will spend $20 million on its new modern facade which is already approved by the authorities and should be done by their 20th anniversary in 2014.

Petersen_Automotive_Museum_world_of_architecture_02 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_world_of_architecture_03 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_facade_on_world_of_architecture_04 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_facade_on_world_of_architecture_05 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_facade_on_world_of_architecture_06 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_facade_on_world_of_architecture_07 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_facade_on_world_of_architecture_08 Petersen_Automotive_Museum_facade_on_world_of_architecture_09

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