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The work of an architect requires creativity of extreme levels. However, creativity is not the only thing required for becoming an architect. Proper education and a certain level of experience is required if you want to become and architect. Many people give examples of great architecture being built without any accredited degree. They point towards the wonders of the world to establish their claims. You need to remember that the times have changed. And even in the older days not everyone could be an architect. There is certain level of knowledge of science required to design structures. Observe the pyramids in Egypt carefully and look at the precision with which they are made. You need to have some certification to prove to companies that you are worthy of designing for them. Though you might have knowledge of CAD and other up to date technology regarding the field, you still would not be a licensed architect. In order to do that, every country has put up certain requirements. There are ways of becoming an architect without getting enrolled in any bachelors programs. However, these methods are not available for people living everywhere.

If you think that you can start designing projects without education, then you are wrong. There are certain steps to avoid the bachelors though. First of all you need to check with the accreditation body of your respective state. Keep in mind that rules and regulations usually vary between the states. The alternative of not doing bachelors would require you to have quite some years of experience. Not to mention you would have to undergo a bothersome number of diplomas. In short there is no way that you can skip education in the process of becoming an architect. After that you would need to apply as an architect to your state.

This all is bothersome work. Take the simple road and you would end up with quality of knowledge and a decent experience as well. The only drawback of doing bachelors and masters is that you would have to cut up with your social life. Usually universities offer 5 years of bachelors and 2 or 3 years of masters programs. There are certain things which you need to know about architecture. It is true that it requires creativity and determination to make a design. However, it involves usage and manipulation of numbers as well. So if you are weak or hate mathematics then choose another line of work. Apart from that there is nothing else that you should be worried about. Pass your senior high school with a B grade as the average and apply to a collage well before your senior high is over. Do not forget to check the accreditation of the collage you are applying to. You can do bachelors in architecture or you could do bachelors in related or not related field and then do masters in architecture.

Do not just apply to one institution. Send your admission to as many accredited institutions as possible. CAD and other new technology to aid and guide you professionally would be taught in the semesters. Do not waste your summers by doing nothing. Apply for internships or a part time job so that you might have experience before you get the degrees. Keep in mind that you need to apply everywhere well within the due date. Also ensure that all your paper work is properly compiled and completed while you are sending it. Any missing document might delay the procedure and you might miss the deadline. Check in with the accredited body of your state for the requirements of becoming a licensed architect for further information.

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