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Accessories for a contemporary bedroom

Illuminated glass-block bookends are a nice addition to otherwise dark bookshelves. Cut a wood base to fit the opening of a glass block vase, and mount a small light bulb on the base.

A pedestal is a stately accessory that provides a base for contemporary artwork or a plant. Pedestals may be sprayed with a textural granite finish, decoratively painted, or covered with fabric.


Wastebaskets can be covered with contemporary fabric to coordinate with any bedroom décor.


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Glass shelves provide a sleek display unit for contemporary collections and small objects. Simple metal bookends turned upside down serve as brackets.

Picture frames for contemporary rooms can be crafted from simple materials. This frame is made from two wooden dowels, a flat, thin board, and two pieces of clear plastic.

Hand painted chair is an exciting contemporary art piece. Unpainted furniture stores and garage sales are good places to find inexpensive furniture for this kind of project.


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