Dec 282013


The work of an architect requires creativity of extreme levels. However, creativity is not the only thing required for becoming an architect. Proper education and a certain level of experience is required if you want to become and architect. Many people give examples of great architecture being built without any accredited degree. They point towards the wonders of the world to establish their claims. You need to remember that the times have changed. And even in the older days not everyone could be an architect. There is certain level of knowledge of science required to design structures. Observe the pyramids in Egypt carefully and look at the precision with which they are made. You need to have some certification to prove to companies that you are worthy of designing for them. Though you might have knowledge of CAD and other up to date technology regarding the field, you still would not be a licensed architect. In order to do that, every country has put up certain requirements. There are ways of becoming an architect without getting enrolled in any bachelors programs. However, these methods are not available for people living everywhere. Continue reading »

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Dec 172013


Premium furniture and interiors brand Young Collective Artists (YOCA) led by architects Ahsan Najmi, Sarah Najmi Bilgrami and Zayd Bilgrami, announced a one of a kind collaborative designer series in November 2013. To kick-start this two-year designer series, the fall 2013 show was revealed with Lahore’s acclaimed couturier Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. Continue reading »

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